PAG Core Principles 公司核心准则

Since 1995, Pharmatech Asia Group (PAG) has earned a reputation, across more than 50 countries around the world, as a one-stop provider of health-related solutions, including formulations, processes, equipment, and nutritional supplements for private label redistribution and direct-to-consumer sales.



Vision 愿景

We aspire to make the world healthier!


We pursue and support abundant good health in everything we create and how we conduct ourselves.


To make the world healthier through leading-edge research and solutions.


Through ongoing inquiry and analysis, sustainable and efficient processes, quality products, and end-to-end solutions, we serve our business clients and end-user consumers based on our vision and values.


Our team members apply their insights and ingenuity to explore opportunities and make decisions in the best interest of our customers.


Beyond simply fulfilling orders, we work collectively with our clients and suppliers to create effective and safe formulations; sustainable and efficient processes; more beneficial products; timely delivery practices; and comprehensive customer support to help assure their success.


We thoughtfully balance work, family, rest, exercise, diet, and optimism.


Altruism 利他

We serve the greater community and each other, giving meaning to and building connections in our lives. We aspire to serve our clients beyond their expectations. In the same way, we also engage in generous acts with each other, individually sharing our time, expertise, and support with those around us.


We treat our customers, our suppliers, our colleagues virtuously with a full heart, forging genuine and deep relationships in service to one and all.


Imagination 想象力

We examine challenges in a new light, uncovering fresh ways to serve and improve health.


Beyond merely adapting to new conditions, we thrive in changing them for the better. Not content with simply improving existing processes or products, we reflect, ask questions, experiment, share ideas, and find ways to reinvent how we serve others. We support and encourage inventiveness in every team member, and in our business partners and clientele. Together, our joint efforts to reveal new possibilities works to the benefit of all.


Equality 平等

We respect every person and their ideas. We practice equal treatment: without regard to gender, age, race, religious affiliation, national origin, sexual orientation, or family situation. We provide equal access to training and career-building opportunities.


Our approach to our customers, suppliers, and team members is always with a genuine respect and regard for their value and contribution, irrespective of specific characteristics or traits.


Communication 沟通

We ask questions, listen, and share—seeking from our clients how to improve and what to pursue and develop. We know that transformative ideas can come from anyone in the company. Sharing our principles and direction across the company and encouraging cross-sector communication builds a trusting and rich culture.

我们注重询问、倾听和分享,并从客户的角度去思考如何提高服务质量,如何开拓客户的需求。 在公司内部,我们每个员工都能积极表达自己的观点,参与公司规章制度和方向策略的制定。公司也重视跨部门的交流与合作,从而形成彼此信任的氛围,丰富公司的文化。

We encourage consistent, clear, forthright communication between and among our colleagues, our partnering suppliers, and our esteemed customers. Such constructive dialog facilitates and sustains our devotion to our core principles for the betterment of all.


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