Our Team

Board of Directors

Dr. Peter Ou, Ph.D.(Pharm.UCL)

President of Honson Pharmatech Group

" I made the choice to grow the Honson group of companies based on science and cost-effective solution. We are growing rapidly and your company deserves the same."

Jason Lee

Managing Director of Pharmatech Asia Group Ltd.,

" We serve and respond to our global clients over fifty-one countries at the same day, it is worry free and no distance for our clients."

Our Staff

A well-rounded, talented and complementary team

Annie Liang

Team Leader (HR & Finance)


Talent is our key asset.

Alice Lee

New Product Development Manager

Team Leader (Quality Control, Registation)


We devote to provide the high-quality products to worldwide.

Zoe Peng

Team leader (Sales & Marketing)


We work with passion and dream!

Robin Wang

Assitant of Managing Director

Team Leader (Supplements&Machines)


Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life!

Alan Yan

Sales Director


I like running, I know everything starts from the bottom of feet.

Nancy Chen

Purchasing Manager


Deliberate slowly, promptly.

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