Hard Capsule Filling Machine Line

Pharmaland Technologies PCF-Series Automatic Capsule Filling Machines are equipped with the latest technologies of encapsulation and have an optimized structure for operation, monitoring, and trouble-shooting.

All models come with the following standard features:

• Fully-enclosed segments, capsule alignment station, and turning parts to prevent cross-contamination

• All parts are built with high-quality stainless steel, and adopt quality brand-name electronic components

• The machines may be dosed and filled with powder (granular and pellet), and used for vegetable capsules and hard two-piece gelatin capsules

• Low-loss dosing of powders, low noise

• Used for capsule sizes from #00 - #5

• Equipped with safety switch on doors for shut-off and emergency stop button

• Sensors to indicate low powder and capsule supplies

• High capsule acceptability (up to 99.5%) and high dosing precision


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• Blender

• Wet or Dry Granulator

• Fluid-bed Dryer

• Lifter Feeder

• Hard Capsule Filling Machine

• Capsule Polishing Machine

• Dust Collector

• Empty Capsule Loading Machine

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